Links To Further Reading

The Foresight Programme of UNIDO
The Investment and Technology Promotion Branch of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization also offers a Training programme, a Manual on Technology Foresight, a foresight textbook, global forum events and other useful information.

Handbook of Knowledge Society Foresight
This handbook tackles the major questions that have to be considered in embarking upon knowledge society foresight. It does so largely in a question-and-answer format.

The UK Foresight Programme
Bringing together key people, knowledge and ideas to envisage future society and technology.
The world's No.1 open community on scenario thinking and scenario planning where you can publish scenarios, reflect on the planning processes and share online resources about scenario planning in a democratic and inclusive manner.

Institute for Alternative Futures
The Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF) is a leader in the creation of preferred futures. Since its founding in 1977, IAF has helped organizations monitor trends, explore future possibilities and create the futures they prefer.