Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement Services

The Deliberation Network team provides a range of services to clients in all levels of government, agencies, the private sector and NGO's.

Our team includes facilitators, event and project managers, communications specialists and administrators. We have executive level experience in issue management and media relations and provide media training and coaching.

Consultation Design

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We design consultation and engagement strategies from the ground up. That means we work closely with clients to understand their needs and objectives, frame the questions with precision and identify the best consultation approaches. We strive to make every engagement count — whether it's a one-on-one interview, focus group, multi-stakeholder consultation, in-depth dialogue, or an information exchange.

We build and deliver customized consultation projects, using the right tools, and the right strategies to help clients and stakeholders click. And we work with our clients to analyze, understand and effectively communicate the results.


The Deliberation Network team includes several facilitators. We each have our own style, our own strengths and an ability to work together.

Conference, Meeting and Event Management

It's one thing to organize a conference where people take their seat and listen to the 'sage on the stage.' It's entirely different to design an event that sets out to ensure that everyone who attends participates. Every detail, from location, to A/V to food is important to the experience.

Gathering stakeholders, clients or organizations together can be an expensive proposition. The challenge is to maximize the client's investment and create the space and opportunity to enable participants to be energetic and creative.

Online Surveys and Webinars

Reaching out to broaden your consultation can be expensive. Online surveys and webinars can be a cost-effective complement to in-person meetings. They offer an opportunity to capture a wider range of participants, offer new methods of participating and, ultimately strengthen the legitimacy of the outreach.

Value-added Communications for Consultations

The defining characteristic of nearly all challenges in today's interconnected world is complexity. Modern consultation and engagement strategies have the potential to tackle complex challenges, but, to succeed, they must use the highest quality communication tools.

The Deliberation Network takes pride in the quality of our communication services. We help our clients get the right message, to the right people, in the right format at the right time. Knowing which products and media best serve each purpose and audience is a key to success.

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A successful consultation distills the best thinking of every participant. We make sure the investment in stakeholder engagement translates into a report worth reading.

Leadership Surveys

Public and stakeholder engagement projects need to be carefully focused. The challenge is to determine the highest value insights that can be achieved from those consulted on the "questions that matter." We sharpen your consultation by interviewing thought leaders and building an engagement plan based on their expertise.

Brochures, Presentations and Updates

Effective consultation initiatives require crisp, informative and attractive written materials. We take pride in our writing and presentation.