Communication Tools

The defining characteristic of nearly all challenges in today's interconnected world is complexity. Modern consultation and engagement strategies have the potential to tackle complex challenges, but to succeed, they must employ the highest quality communication tools.

The Deliberation Network takes pride in the quality of the communication services we provide to our clients.

We help our clients get the right message, to the right people, in the right format, at the right time.

Knowing which products best serve each purpose and audience is a key to success.

Talent Matters report


A successful Foresight project will have distilled the best thinking of a wide range of experts. The creative energy that Foresight dialogues engender can be electric. It can also be hard to put on paper. We make sure that ths creative energy finds its way into well written, professionally designed reports.

Leadership Surveys

Most participants and sponsors of Foresight projects are entering unfamiliar territory — both in terms of the Foresight methodology and in scoping out potential future scenarios that are looking twenty years ahead. Keeping a project team on the same page is crucial. In our experience, it's critical that every team leader or program sponsor be given the opportunity to reflect on the project direction and provide their input on mid-course corrections. We have the interview design skills to ensure those insights are kept in view.

Fore Can brochure


Foresight projects are about engagement — sharing challenges and ideas among communities of expertise. From a communications standpoint this means producing brochures that provide an overview of the project and the Foresight methodology that signal the inclusive character of the process.

Conference Set-up

It's one thing to organize a conference where people take their seat and listen to the 'sage on the stage'. It's entirely another to design a conference that sets out to ensure everyone attending — participates. Conferences can be an expensive proposition. Foresight Projects need to design their conference time carefully. The challenge is to create the space and opportunity to enable participants to be creative, and to capture the energy and ideas the conference generates.


The Deliberation Network team includes several facilitators. We each have our own style, our own strengths and an ability to work together.

Scenario Vignettes

One of the most exciting and powerful elements of a Foresight Project involves the generation of different and equally credible future scenarios. It's a critical element in identifying the range of system capabilities that may be needed. Bringing these difference scenarios to light is a communications challenge. It's simply not enough to ask participants to read a report. They need to see.

The Deliberation Network team includes both script writers and actors familiar with this challenge. Some Canadian Foresight projects have commissioned video presentations to capture these scenarios. If the budget allows, that’s the way to go. Failing that, we write and perform short vignettes that tell the story, well actually – they tell the same story with very different endings!