About The Deliberation Network

The Deliberation Network was formed by Lynelle Spring and Tim Woods in 2006 to provide communication services and stakeholder engagement strategies for consultative projects in the public and private sector. Along with the experience of our Network associates, our team has experience with a range of modern consultative practices with extensive expertise in those employing Foresight Methodologies.

The Deliberation NetworkOver the past decade the menu of consultation techniques has blossomed, not just with the opportunities created by new social media, but as a result of the creative exploration of innovators around the world who share a common passion to enlist and engage people in meaningful dialogue and deliberation.

Tim and Lynelle studied at the Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, meeting with and learning from some of the most celebrated innovators in the field such as James Fishkin (Deliberative Polling), Hal Saunders (Sustained Dialogue) and Keith Melville, (National Issues Forum).

Tim was a founding member of the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation, and has led multi-stakeholder consultative projects for the Toronto Financial Services Alliance and the Workplace Partners Panel.

Lynelle has worked on more than a dozen foresight projects in Canada and the United States: leading project designs, providing a range of specialized communications and outreach services, facilitating, and leading rapporteur and reporting functions.

In addition to their leadership role in consultative practices, both Tim and Lynelle have extensive executive level experience in the range of communications and issue management services. Tim has served as the Vice President of Communications for a national trade association, Director of Communications for policy research centre, a Provincial Commission of Inquiry and provided communication services for a range of government, union and trade association clients. Lynelle has more than a dozen years of executive experience with the Province of BC and with Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada: directing communications, issue management, stakeholder engagement, corporate service and policy divisions.

Effective engagement strategies build the trust and credibility that are needed to face difficult choices and uncover new possibilities. Central to the success of any consultative practice is communication. The Deliberation Network offers a unique combination of communications expertise and leadership skills in the design and management of multi-stakeholder consultative projects.